• Free introduction webinar on LimAQ

    Free introduction webinar on LimAQ

    On February 21st, Stapelfeldt
    invites you to a fascinating webinar
    where you can get to know LimAQ.

    Register here

  • Software solutionsfor emission modelling

    Software solutions
    for emission modelling

    Easy to use, highly scalable,
    and trusted by customers world wide.

  • Traffic noise

    Traffic noise

    Our software is frequently used
    to calculate noise emissions
    for entire national road networks
    according to the latest European
    and internal standards.

  • Industrial noise

    Industrial noise

    Rapid model creation and
    integration of all relevant noise
    propagation norms such as
    Harmonoise, ISO 9613, BS 5228,
    MSZ 15036, DIN 18005

  • Airtraffic noise

    Airtraffic noise

    according to ECAC, CNOSSOS and AZB....

  • Air pollution

    Air pollution

  • Shadow analysisand solar modelling

    Shadow analysis
    and solar modelling

    ..for urban planning and
    solar energy forecasting

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